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Monday, 18 April 2016

Heat lesson 2

Hey Guys. This for my rubric so sorry if this is boring. Hello Fellow Students and educators. I would like to talk to you about our latest unit in science, Heat. So first thing we learned was the difference between Heat And temperature. Heat is the speed of the molecules moving and temperature is the measurement of the speed. That is the difference between the two. We watched a video and learned more information. What is better at heating a freezing pool? a glass of  boiling water or a bucket of 50 degrees water? The bucket because it has more volume.

The next Thing we did was an exercise about heat. We got sheets and had to guess the temperatures of things at Tim Horton. We had to guess things like Iced Capp and Muffins. For the Iced Capp I guessed 0 degrees but it was -2 degrees and for the Muffins I guessed 21 degrees and it was. To reflect I learned a lot about Temperature and Heat and I know now that they are two different things.

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  1. You are so creative that I bet you could write about what is happening without making it boring. That is your new challenge!